SERENA LEWIS, a fourth-year apprentice at Sheet Metal Workers Local 268, installs new TDF supply ductwork in a mechanical room at Belleville Memorial Hospital.  Click on the picture to read the full story in the Labor Tribune.  (Story by Sheri Gassaway/ Photo by Kevin Cox)


The Sheet metal workers local 268 executive board donated their December pay, along with matching funds from the local raised $2,324.04 to local food pantries including Southern Illinois. Elected officials shown left to right are: Mike Davis, Vince Gudines, Ross Reiman, James Herrington, Kevin Diercks, Dale Rudloff, John LePere, John Mentz, Chris Kelly, Jeff Argurieo, and Scott Ricketts. Not pictured: Mark Endrizzi.            Submitted by: Scott Ricketts



2015 Labor Day Parades (click below to watch video)


Du Quoin


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